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What is a league?: A league is a set of up to 16 players that will play each other in a round robin system. The player who wins the most games is the league champion.

What happens if 2 or more players win the same number of games?: In the event of two or more players winning the same number of games, the winner is determined by which player has the highest Index.

What is an Index?: A players index is determined by the percentage of points scored in all of their games (rounded to the nearest whole number). eg. if a player has score 600 points during the entire league championship and has had 450 points scored against them in the entire league championship, then their index would be: 57 [(600/(600+450)) * 100]

Who can run leagues?: In order to run a league you must have an up to date subscription and meet other criteria. Running leagues require a clear understanding of the standard tournament system.

To join a league, click on Join League to find a list of leagues and tournaments looking for players to join.

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