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What are Ladder Leagues?
Ladders are a series of leagues made up of 18 or more players. Players are divided into division of 6 players each, who will play each other in a round robin style. After all the games are complete The winner of each Division will move up to the next highest division, The last placed player will move down to the next lowest division.

Who can join ladders?
In order to join a ladder you must be bugcafe subscriber. There are no other condition of entry.

How does it work?
All games have a 1 or 2 day timeout.
Generally there are no unlocks on ladders (unless otherwise stated), once you timeout, you will be forfeited,be careful! :)

How many games will be played at a time?
Five games at a time unless otherwise stated.

But what if the site is down?
You won't be forfieted if you couldn't play due to site problems.

What if I have a vacation planned?
Let the organiser know in advance, work out a fair and reasonable decision regarding your games with them, they are all nice people :)

Enjoy your games!
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