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Below is a brief list of just some of the features of Bugcafe.

Tournaments, Leagues and Ladders
These are a great way to meet new players in a competitive environment. For more details Click Here

Set up your own profile or view others profiles to find a player with similar interests to yourself.
Click on My Profile in your manager to set up your profile.
Click on Player Profiles on the homepage to view others profiles

Game Invitations
Invite other players to start games with you. To invite players to create games click on Add Invite in your manager to set up the invitation.
To look at invitations currently available, click on Find A Player on the homepage.

Address Book
Add your friends to your Address Book. You can create games quickly form the address book so you dont have to remember their screen names.
To access the address book, click on Address Book on the homepage or in your manager.
You can also add a player to your address book by clicking on the blue ? in your manager and clicking on the icon next to their name.