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Getting Started

How Does Bug Cafe Work

New users will first need to swing on by our Registration Page to sign-up.

Once your account is up and running click on our Start New Game area, and choose a game of your liking. From there you can enter the known Username of a friend or family member for an opponent. If you only know their email address, click on Invite to invite them to a game.

When it’s your turn to play you’ll be notified via email. You can also user our Game Manager to see all your games and play them

Can’t get to your turn for a few days due to a busy schedule? Thats fine! Pick up where you left as soon as you can, and enjoy yourself.

What Are Tournaments & How Do They Work

We allow members on our site to create tournaments of their choosing. Each tournament comes with it’s own set of rules based on how the Bug Cafe Member organised things. If the rules of a tournament don’t fit your lifestyle, feel free to create your own tournament!

To look over a list of open tournaments you can join, click on our Join Tournaments section.

Is Membership Really Free

Yes, membership is free and will give you access to the site with limited turns per day. However, if you feel so inclined to spend $5 a month, or $30 per year, you can sign up as a paid member. This will allow you unlimited game turns each day, and a few other bonuses like our word descrambler in word games.

We appreciate all our members, and understand that not everyone can afford to splurge, so we have strived hard to keep game play free on our site for the past 18 years.

When/How Do I Play My Turns

When it’s your turn in a game you will be emailed at the address you submitted when you signed up for membership. It’s really that simple. Follow the links inside your email to play your game, or go to the Game Manager on our website to access your account and find your game turns ready and waiting.

We’ve had players take well over a year to finish a game before, and we’ve had players finish in hours. Play at your own pace and enjoy the games!

*Please note that if you join a tournament there may be rules about playing your turns within a specified period of time. Please be mindful to read tournament rules before joining as we like to keep all our members happy!

Is Bug Cafe A Real Cafe I Can Visit

Bug Cafe only exists in a virtual sense. It’s a labor of love created by the Bug Family, and you can read more about the how and why on our About Us page if you’re so inclined.

Sign Up to start enjoying your games!

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