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About Bug Cafe

Many years ago, in the age of dial up modems and lost e-mails, Scrabble Bug's Father (Grandpa Bug) was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This was a huge blow to everyone in the Bug Family, but perhaps a bit harder for Scrabble Bug who was living on another continent at the time.

The distance made it difficult to offer physical support, but not moral support. Scrabble Bug & Mrs Scrabble Bug started playing rounds of word games online with Grandpa Bug. Unfortunately, the portal used for that disappeared one day from the internet, and Scrabble Bug, dedicated to keeping the moral of Grandpa Bug up and running as much as possible birthed the idea of Bug Cafe.

Bug Cafe started with 1 game and 6 players, and served it’s purpose beautifully. We learned that while Grandpa Bug might have been physically hurting, mentally he was as sharp as a tack and still more than capable of teaching us all how to properly extend and use our vocabulary and spelling skills.

Over time, other displaced game players found their way to BugCafe and joined in the rollicking fun of classic board game play with their own friends and family, as well as with other members of the website. Over the years we found that more and more people were finding their way to Bug Cafe, and eventually our small space on the inter web was too small to host us.

We’ve made a few virtual moves over the years, adding many more games, and have added membership benefits to the website. We believe, though, that the one thing that has never changed about BugCafe is the how and why this small space on the inter web was created, as it will always hold a very special place in the hearts of the Bug Family.

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