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Parcheesi Instructions

At the start of a game, all players will start with 3 pieces in the starting box and one on the board at their starting square.

To move a man out of the starting box onto the board, you must roll a 6. You do not have to bring your piece out onto the board with the 6, however if you choose to do so, you will get a bonus use of the 6, this means you can once your piece has been brought out, move any piece on the board 6 spaces as well use it to bring a man out.

The object of the game is to move all four of your pieces around the board and up the home spaces that corrospond to your colours.

A blockade is where two pieces of the same colour occupy the same square. When a blockade is formed, no pieces can pass it.

If you land on a square occupied by a single piece of an opposing colour, you may capture the piece and send it back to the starting box.

Dice Doubles: IF you roll doubles some special rules come into play. if all four of your pieces are out (no pieces left in the starting box) then a ruling that allows you to get a bonus roll consisting of the opposite side of the dice as doubles. EG. if you threw double 4's, you will get bonus set of double 3's. If you threw double 6's you would get a bonus throw of double 1's etc.
When you throw doubles you get to roll again after you have moved your pieces. However, if you roll 3 sets of doubles in a turn, your turn is ended and the piece closest to the finish is sent back to the starting box.

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