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Letter Stacks Instructions

Letter Stacks is a 3D word game. You may add words in the conventional across and down directions like Bugwords. You can also add letters to existing words by stacking letters on top of already existing letters to change the word into a new legal word.

The board contains various bonus squares
You must start the game by placing a word using the yellow start square.

Words can be placed in vertical and horizontal directions, letters can also be added on top of already placed words.

Letters can be stacked up on top of existing words. The maximum height tiles can be stacked will vary from game to game.

Words cannot completely cover a previously entered word, at least one(1) letter from the previous word must remain on the board.

Bonus squares remain active until the square has been stacked to the maximum level allowed by the designer. Any time you add a letter to a square containing a bonus, you will receive that bonus for any new word created using that square.

Your score will depend on what letters you place on the board, each letter has a different value (check the scoring guide on the game for full list of letter values.). Bonus points may also awarded based on the number of letters stacked in the words you create, if the game designer elected to allow the bonus point scoring.

To count the bonus score, count all the letters stacked in the words you have created, do not include the letters you added (the letters underneath your letters do count).

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