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Bug Boats Instructions

Bug Boats is a guessing game for 2 players, you must guess where your opponent has placed there boats on the grid.

When you first start a Bug Boats game, you will see a blank board, your first turn is where you will place all your boats in the positions you want. On the right hand side of the board is a list of boats and a direction of either down or across. If you choose the difficult mode you get an extra boat and can place boats diagonal. Extra difficult mode adds a Mine to the list of possible boats. . Select boat you want to place, make sure to choose it under the direction you want to place it, once you have selected a boat, click on the square where the first part of the boat is to go. Once all boats have been added to the board, click finish to complete your first turn.

For other turns you will see two board, the one on the left is your board, showing where your opponent has guessed and hit. The right hand board will show your opponents board, To place a guess on the board, click in the square you wish to guess at, you will see a ? appear in the square, click finish to complete your turn, you will not see if it was a successful hit until the turn is complete.

Boats that have been hit will show as being coloured red until they are fully sunk, after they are sunk you can see its colour.

Click on a square to place your guess as to where your opponents peice is. You may guess up to 3 times in a turn (depending on the options set whewn the game was created). Once all boats have been sunk, the game is over.

IF you hit your opponents mine, two of your boat parts will be shown to your opponent. Be careful!

The Sub can be moved around the board to evade your opponents guesses. To move the boat, click on a space on the left hand side board that has not had a guess made on it, or does not contain a boat to move it to that square. You can also move it to a random space by clicking on Move Sub.

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