Details for tournament Team Play #9
.::. Tournament run by: LadayBugg57 .::.
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Players:64 (28 Vacancies)
Lower Rating Limit:500
Upper Rating Limit:No Limit

Theme:Team Play
Game Type:bugzee
Forfeit After: 2 days

NOTE: You must play your turn with in 2 day(s). Failure to do so may result in your game being forfeited

2 days to play. Will unlock within 3 days of being locked. Thank you for joining and let's have some fun.

Players who have already joined this tournament: Laday_Snow (snow), Lovey_ (snow), sheilam (violet), VioletBugzee (violet), Brian1971 (turquoise), Mary (teal), SSliver (silver), DSilver (silver), bird_lady (salmon), Kathy_Ann (plum), nancezee9 (plum), midnightsky (olive), isketzo67 (olive), JanMGLavender (lavender), KES9 (lavender), SunC (honeydew), SunP (honeydew), K54 (fuchsia), K1 (fuchsia), CHUBBY (chartreuse), GlitterHugs (black), L409 (black), Peachie (azure), Lilzee (magenta), Bigzee (magenta), Parsifal (aqua), SilverSideUp (gold), debbi123 (gold), darryl (purple), peachyweez (purple), Loretta39 (orange), beedee (orange), Green_Shep (green), Muffy9 (green), sue13 (blue), Possum (blue)

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