Join GameMaster's Bugboats Part 9 bugboats League. [Contact Organiser]

Conditions of Entry

  • 10 player league.
  • You Must play a turn within 2 Days (48 hours)
  • Lower Rating Limit: 500
  • Upper Rating Limit: 2000
  • Allow Game Unlocks?: Yes
  • Failure to play with the time limit May result in being forfeited. Forfeited games carry a rating point penalty.

  • Organiser Rules
    Ahoy!! Join in for the nineth round of this fun league. Lockout after 24 hours but will unlock if I hear from you before day 5. After that, sorry, the game will be forfeited (and you will be visiting Davy Jones' locker!).

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    Players who have already joined this league: GameMaster, Kathy_Ann, Mary9, Brian1971, mich2, rose467, smitty