Join Raine's Auto Mancala All at Once 3 mancala League. [Contact Organiser]

Conditions of Entry

  • 8 player league.
  • You Must play a turn within 2 Days (48 hours)
  • Lower Rating Limit: 500
  • Upper Rating Limit: 5000
  • Allow Game Unlocks?: Yes
  • Special Rules: Player going out receives remaining stones
  • Failure to play with the time limit May result in being forfeited. Forfeited games carry a rating point penalty.

  • Organiser Rules
    this is an automated league therefore if you lock you can unlock yourself by clicking on the PADLOCK ICON next to game in your manager .. even though it is a ALL games played at once, games are not created all at once, one game every day will be created til all games are going :)

    .::.There are no more vacancies in this league.::.