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Conditions of Entry

  • You Must play a turn within 2 days (48 hours)
  • Failure to play with the time limit Will result in being forfeited. Forfeited games carry a rating point penalty.
  • Locked games are not able to be unlocked, the organiser is not able to override this.
  • If you wish to be removed, you must contact the organiser prior to the start of the next season. (you must play out any remaining games)
  • It is a requirement that you have an active subscription in order to play in ladders

  • Organiser Rules

  • Everlasting, never-ending ladder.
  • Next season starts without prior notice when previous season has ended unless there are empty spots that need to be filled by new players.
  • Notify me at any time should you wish to be removed from this ladder.
  • Extensions and unlocks can only be granted during holiday time frames or site difficulties as provided by Scrabble Bug.
  • All players are required to HAVE FUN!

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    Players In Ladder: EverlastingShep, vadah, Captain_RobertT, kayak, Marpal, Bug_Bomber, keoni, Mac1, Londoner, Mary, itbeemee, RoeBoat, Brian971, peachy63, Nina,