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Join kenknee's Post Card Tourney #4 bugwords tournament [Contact Organiser]

Conditions of Entry

  • 8 player tournament (0 Vacancies)
  • You must play a turn within 2 day(s) (48 Hours)
  • Failure to play with the time limit may result in being forfeited. Forfeited games carry a rating point penalty.
  • Lower Rating Limit:200
  • Upper Rating Limit:No Limit
  • Theme:Theme
  • Dictionary: sowpods

  • Organiser Rules
    Kindly, if you sign on, please be considerate enough to send a post card to your opponent if you have the lower score. One postcard is the most you would lose in a tournament. You will not be risking your address for if you lose then you mail the opponent a post card.{ no return address is needed,especially on a postcard} That's only if the winner wants one, and winner wishes to share an address to receive a post card. Seems I hear complaints from one or two players that do not want to risk divulging their snail mail address; that's cool if you win, however if you lose that argument holds no water.The winner ideally is to receive a postcard from the opponent with the fewer points. RECENTLY I WAS MESSAGED THE QUESTION: when do we mail a postcard??? You mail it after the game you lose in...again, the most you can lose is one postcard.Lets have some fun and as the Marvelttes once sang "You better Wait a minute Mr.Postman...please check and see!"