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Tournaments, Leagues and Ladders are an exciting way to add more fun to your gaming experience. Play in a competitive environment and try to win.

Tournaments - Play with up to 64 players in a knockout style competition. The winners in each round go through and those that do not win are knocked out of the competition. The winner is the last player remaining in the competition.

Leagues - Play with up to 16 players in a Round Robin style competition. The winner is the player at the top of the competition table after all games have been completed.

Ladders - Play with up to 90 players in a Division Based Competition. Players are divided into divisions containing 6 players. Players in a division will play each other once. The winner of the division moves up to the next highest division. The last placed player in a division moves down. Ladder are virtually never ending (But you can ask to be removed from a ladder at any time). Beginners and Advanced players can enjoy competition with players of similar skill levels.

Running Tournaments and Leagues
You can become a tournament organiser by signing up to run them. You can sign up from the tournament create page.
You can also sign up to run leagues in a similar manner.
We currently do not have a sign up for running ladders.