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To access your preferences, click on Preferences.

Preferences are divided up into different sections (Account, Privacy, Games, Manager). Click on the appropiate section to get to the preferences you are interested in.

There are many preferences, preferences are especially helpful to WebTV and older browser users. The games have preferences to make the games work better for you. Players using modern browsers should be able to play the games without changing settings, although you are more than welcome to try out the various preferences to tailor the games to your specific wishes.

If you need to change your email address, Password or other account related preferences, click on to Account Preferences to do this.

Privacy preferences cover which emails you receive, black listings (banning players from starting games with you), and what information about you is available for others to view. (please note: we do not publish email addresses on our site).

Manager preferences cover how your game manager is set up and what options show on the manager and other related pages.

Game preferences cover how the games play and look. Try out the various options to see what works best for you and your browser. Most browsers can run the games with just the default settings. WebTV users would benefit greatly by selecting the options available to make WebTV work better with the games.