Bug Cafe Support Center

Below is answers to some common questions:

Q.1 - I no longer use the email address I have been using in my games.
A. You can change the email address on all your games by signing into Manager, click on preferences and click on "Email".

Q.2 - The dictionary contains words that dont exist!
A. While they may appear to be non words or abbreviations, they are not. To find meanings to the word s in the dictionary, check out the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, or Collins Scrabble Dictionary for the meanings of the words found in the dictionaries.

Q.3 - My score is wrong!
A. Remember that blanks have no score, chances are that this is the reason it seems the score is incorrect.

Q.4 - I cannot sign into my Manager account.
A. Click on the "lost Screen name or Password" link to retrieve your manager password and try using the password you receive.

Q.5 - How do I get a rating?
A. Every player has a rating, for bug word games,ratings are based on your average turn score. Other games the rating is calculated based on the ELO rating system.

Q.6 - How do we complete a Bug Words game when neither player can place a word?
A. Games will automatically finish when all players in the game have passed twice. A "pass" is when you click on the finish button without adding any letters to the board.

Q.7 - Each time I click on finish, I am taken back to the game Board.
A. This is usually caused by a cookie bug in Internet Explorer. Try one or all of the following methods to fix it.

.Restart your computer - this fixes this most of the time.
.Delete your browser cookies.

Q8. Each time I try to finish my turn I get a "Game Aborted" Error. A. Check your Cookie settings in your browser. Check that you dont have another game open in a different window. If you continue to get this error you can turn off game protection by going to your preferences and clicking on "Personal Preferences".

Q9. A friend has started a game with me, but it is not showing up in my manager. A. They would need to delete the game and recreate it making sure that they have the correct Screen name or email address.

Q.10 - When starting a new game, I kept getting an error message about not having filled out all the required information.
A. This may occur if the email address is incorrect or if you have cut and pasted the email address. After you paste an email address, make sure there is no trailing spaces after the address.

Q.11 - I cannot get into games
A. Follow the instructions below to set up Internet Explorer to work with Bug Cafe:
  • Click on Tools menu.
  • Click on Internet Options.
  • Click on the Privacy tab. (IE 5 users should click on Security)
  • Towards the bottom of the window is an Edit button, click on this button. (IE 5 users should click on Trusted Sites and then click on Sites)
  • In the box labelled Address of web site, type in bugcafe.net
  • Click on the button labelled Allow (IE 5 users should click on Add.)
  • Click OK
  • Click OK.

    Q.12 - I am using OSPD 6 or CSW 15 dictionary, but the descrambler shows OSPD or CSW results instead.
    A. To see results from the OSPD 6 or CSW 15 dictionaries in the descrambler, you need to be using the bugcafe descrambler, to update this go to Bugwords preferences and select Bugcafe from the Descrambler option and click Save