Lions Den

  • Board Size: 15 x 15
  • Total Letters: 100
  • Letters In Rack: 10
  • 8 letters need to be used to receive bingo bonus
  • Bingo Bonus : 1000 points
  • Start Point Value : 5x word score
  • Bonus Square Value: 10x word score


    This is a user friendly board. Its designed to get plenty of points.
    Vowels are cut down and big point letters are added.
    Theres only one V and one C but they are worth 100. Blanks are worth 50.

    Bingos are worth 1000 points and only 8 letters are needed.

    There are 6 bonus squares and those are worth 10x the original value.

    100 total letters.

    Update....I have taken away 4 bonus squares as to not have a big advantage go to the player playing first.