Red , White and Blue

  • Board Size: 15 x 15
  • Total Letters: 103
  • Letters In Rack: 7
  • 5 letters need to be used to receive bingo bonus
  • Bingo Bonus : 100 points
  • Start Point Value : 50x word score
  • Reset squares are used in this game. A reset square will clear the board.
  • Player will receive additional turn for using a reset square
  • Bonus Square Value: 250x word score
  • Squares are randomly placed and will move around each turn.


    Red, White and Blue

    Letter rack of 7 and you need only five letters for a BINGO . A bingo is worth 100 points. Bonus Squares are worth 250 points. Bonus and resets are 'invisible' and the squares are randomly placed for nice surprises. Enjoy!