Double The Chocolate

  • Board Size: 17 x 17
  • Total Letters: 100
  • Letters In Rack: 7
  • 5 letters need to be used to receive bingo bonus
  • Bingo Bonus : 400 points
  • Start Point Value : 350x word score
  • Reset squares are used in this game. A reset square will clear the board.
  • Player will receive additional turn for using a reset square
  • Bonus Square Value: 1000x word score
  • Squares are randomly placed and will move around each turn.


    Take a bite of milk or dark chocolate...ummm...that piece of candy is so delicious and this candy has no calories. There could be chocolate covered cherries, or chocolate covered orange candies...there is also a little mint in this chocolate...there's some that have the marshmellow filling...enjoy!