The Punisher

  • Board Size: 19 x 19
  • Total Letters: 138
  • Letters In Rack: 7
  • 5 letters need to be used to receive bingo bonus
  • Bingo Bonus : -250 points
  • Start Point Value : 2x word score


    Well well well, i have been thinking dangerous HUH!!!

    This game is VERY different to anything else i have created before, there is a few people around this place that think that BINGOS ROCK,


    Just wanted to say HI to my friends who are around but would never laugh at me for them getting a bingo and everyone else having rubbish.

    Play a bingo, and a bingo in this game is 5 letters or more and you will loose 250 points, some of the letters that are pretty much hated but seeked out are the Z,Q, etc they will also minus your score, so you do not want these in your racks,

    This will make for a different play and a larger stratergy idea, it might be lower scoring possibly i don't know yet, you might win the game only scoring 1 point who knows.

    But for those that are not very good scrabble players they will enjoy this game immensly as it will slow the big guns down pretty well.