The Amazing Race

  • Board Size: 35 x 13
  • Total Letters: 80
  • Letters In Rack: 10
  • 7 letters need to be used to receive bingo bonus
  • Bingo Bonus : 500 points
  • Start Point Value : 5x word score
  • Bonus Square Value: 20x word score


    Well after a lot of thought i decided we needed a RACE Game,

    This game allows you to get it over with Quickly, the rack is 10 letters, you need 7 for a bingo, bingo value is 500 as your opponent needs to be able to play a bingo to start and allow you to go through the mess in the middle.

    In theory if it is played correctly you will have this game over in 10 turns, and because it is letter bug it will go towards your Ratings.

    This is for you Heather, you wanted something obscure then here it is.

    Let the Game beqin.

    The object is to finish this in as few a turns as possible and leave your opponent with a full rack of letters