Shrek Buster

  • Board Size: 17 x 17
  • Total Letters: 182
  • Letters In Rack: 7
  • 7 letters need to be used to receive bingo bonus
  • Bingo Bonus : 50 points
  • Start Point Value : 4x word score
  • Reset squares are used in this game. A reset square will clear the board.
  • Player will receive additional turn for using a reset square


    The Shrek Buster game is to get the Green Guy out of the Swamp, Reset is a Players second turn so try to get this square to get a second turn..

    Shrek needs Shipped out of the swamp, He OWES DONKEY half the booty for the hard work he did,

    So anyone playing this game against Shrek has to give him a tale whipping because everytime he looses Donkey gets a little more swamp.

    Object of this game is to not allow the opponent to get the resets or the larger word scores.