Details for tournament Lots of Bugzee
.::. Tournament run by: ladymcbeth .::.
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Players:64 (42 Vacancies)
Lower Rating Limit:500
Upper Rating Limit:No Limit

Theme:Team Play
Game Type:bugzee
Forfeit After: 2 days

NOTE: You must play your turn with in 2 day(s). Failure to do so may result in your game being forfeited

Players who have already joined this tournament: Snow_Laday (snow), SilverSideUp (silver), Mary (silver), bobbystancill (plum), John (peach), Peachie (peach), bebofran (lavender), Kathy_Ann (lavender), chuckler (azure), lottaKES (azure), nancezeelots (indigo), keukamiss (indigo), chubby (magenta), debbi123 (magenta), Brian1971 (aqua), Muffy_lots (aqua), peachyweez (purple), darryl (purple), sue13 (green), McBeth (green), Lots_of_Shep (blue), Slick_Debbie (blue)

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