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  • 32 player tournament (14 Vacancies)
  • You must play a turn within 2 day(s) (48 Hours)
  • Failure to play with the time limit may result in being forfeited. Forfeited games carry a rating point penalty.
  • Lower Rating Limit:1
  • Upper Rating Limit:No Limit
  • Theme:Theme
  • Dictionary: sowpods

  • Organiser Rules
    Oddly enough; the theme of this tournament begs the question: How to be HAPPY? As I have toiled, drifted and endlessly persevered (at least up till now) whilst threading the so called needle of this journey often called Life; I find myself even more and more dissatisfied with my meager results. I am fully aware this intro may be bordering on self-pity, though it is not my intention. I in my own awkward way am asking folks to kindly sign on to this tournament with a sincere, sassy, or comical user name in hopes of facilitating a remedy for my dismal disposition of recent days. Thank you in advance; I obviously just don't know!

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    Players who have already joined this tournament: I_dont_KNOW, FindYourPassion, Good_Coffee, chucklebug, Love_Yourself_, Skydive_Forever, FlowerGardening, Mindfulness, good_music, Peachie, Give_It_to_GOD, heres_a_hug_, Just_Relax, Bugcafe123, Lady_Sunshine, EnjoyNature, midnightsky, Jesus_isthe_Way