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121 Cribbage Club .::. (48 Players / 1 vacancies)
.::. Ladder run by: kat .::.
.::. Theme: Ladder .::.
.::. Type: cribbage .::.
.::. Forfeit After: 2 Days(48 Hours) of inactivity .::.
.::. Allow Game Unlocks: Yes .::.

  • Welcome to the 121 Cribbage Club ladder. This ladder will continue as long as there are enough players who are interested in continuing or if my life becomes to hectic to continue.
  • New seasons will begin as soon the previous season ends unless there are empty spots that need to be filled by new players.
  • You may drop out of the ladder at anytime. It is YOUR responsibility to send me a message PRIOR TO THE START OF THE NEXT SEASON. If I do not hear from you, I will assume that you would like to continue on in the ladder.
  • If you drop out of the ladder, please know that you are welcome to join again at anytime.
  • Repetitive forfeiting in my ladders or leagues will result in removal from the game. You will not be able to join again until another season completes without you.